Our San Jose Hospital Offers Savings on Health Care

H2U, or Health To You, has partnered with Good Samaritan Hospital to bring resources for living a healthier life, discounts and coupons, and other solutions to help cut down on health care expenses. H2U works with over 165 hospitals and has built a solid reputation in their three decades of providing wellness services. H2U's program can not only save you money but can also give you information about the latest medical studies.

You can think about H2U as a way of enhancing your current health care plans that you have established with your physician at Good Samaritan Hospital. You can take a more active role through all of the resources that are available and you can also begin enjoying a healthier lifestyle while saving money. You can also receive some exciting discounts!

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How Members Can Benefit

Good Samaritan Hospital offers an attractive deal to adults 18 and over: an affordable monthly membership to H2U.

This membership allows patients full access to H2U's resources, which include

  • H2U Magazine delivered every quarter
  • H2U Bulletin, a monthly e-newsletter
  • Online access to a full library of health care articles
  • Discounts on prescriptions
  • Health assessment tools on H2U.com
  • Coupons and discounts for general health care services
  • Discounts on dental, vision, and hearing
  • Hotel and travel discounts

You can also receive exclusive invitations to participate in activities sponsored by Good Samaritan Hospital. To learn more, you can visit H2U directly.

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Paying for medical care shouldn't be stressful. Don't miss out on the hundreds of deals and discounts that H2U and Good Samaritan Hospital provide! You can start seeing the savings add up immediately when you join H2U. Do what you can today to help yourself tomorrow. Join today to start receiving benefits!